The WiGo Trips Team

We are a team of social engineers creating a new model of travel that will empower people to live deeper, richer, and more intention driven lives through travel.


Jaqui McCarthy


An entrepreneur with a mission to create solutions that will enhance the human condition through technology, Jaqui is a deep believer in the power of cultivating interpersonal relationships. She's had a lifelong curiosity of understanding human behaviors and interactions leading to the creation of a behavioral based algorithm designed to better predict consumer social interactions on digital platforms. Her passion for human behavior was furthered through a BA in bus development and human relations, and graduate studies in research psych, organizational design and industrial psych. Jaqui is also the founder of four companies, four peer to peer communities, and assisted in business development strategies for other startups.

Adam Coulon


Adam Coulon, Co-Founder and CTO, is an application engineer who is currently based in Austin, TX. He’s got a passion for the world and the art of programming, and is a member of the Digital Nomad Community. Adam graduated from Purdue University with a degree in aeronautical engineering where he participated in international research programs across Asia and Europe. While pursuing a Masters Degree in Computational Science and Engineering (Aerospace) at Georgia Tech, Adam was captivated by the world of programming, changed course, and transitioned to a career as a professional software developer. Four years later, Adam has found his dream job and calling with WiGo as the co-founding CTO.


Reuben Levinsohn

Financial Advisor

Entrepreneur, investor and startup coach with a passion for developing leaders who want to disrupt the status quo and create meaningful lasting change. Reuben has an innate ability in discovering the game changers and is experienced in developing them into the successful leaders of tomorrow. Assisting with financial and strategic planning and consulting on financial considerations, Reuben serves as a financial advisor for WiGo Trips and takes on the role of mentor to the CEO.

Jon Armitage

Marketing Advisor

Assisting with growth strategy, Jon serves as marketing advisor for WiGo Trips. He bring with him a growth and marketing background at some of the largest global digital companies and early stage disruptor businesses with executive roles at Google, Expedia and Trunk Club. Jon also acts as a start up advisor and coach to various companies looking to transform the customer experience through technology. Jon is now part of an investment fund assessing opportunities across online consumer industries and brings a passion for the travel space and a keen eye and interest in being part of the next big story.

Angel Morales

Founding Advisor

Skilled in managing high level international relations, complex negotiations, and working with multi-million dollar budgets, Angel Morales serves as WiGo's Relations Advisor. An entrepreneur by nature, Angel has founded five companies and manages high level profile business contacts in 30+ countries. Among his extensive portfolio, Angel has partnered with Starwood Hotels, Atlantis Resorts, Air India and Marriott.

Team Members

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Bianca Bevis

Executive Project Manager

"Where are you from?" is a question Bianca loves answering since she's grown up and worked in 10 different countries, traveled to 30. A true global citizen with an entrepreneurial spirit, Bianca completed her B.A. in International Relations, but soon realized the best way to effect change was to empower people with entrepreneurship. A work background in management consulting and sales confirmed this. She believes people perform best when they have a growth mindset and connect authentically. Bianca loves languages, and is on her 4th one (ជំរាបសួរ, 你好, שלום, hello!) She is thrilled to be a part of WiGo Trips and excited to share it with the world.

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