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To create an exceptional experience, we are limiting the number of members who can participate during our early launch by requiring an access code. Codes may be obtained by signing up below or by being invited by an existing member. Sign up today to reserve your access code! ​


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  • Access to one of a kind group adventures
  • Create or join unique trips, themed communities, travel journals, and forums
  • Connect with a community of kindred travelers

Frequently Asked Questions

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WiGo, is pronounced "we-go", it's a play on words and best remembered like this "I go, you go, WiGo (we go)"

Codes will be released in the following order: First 10 qualified Beta Members; Next 300 qualified Beta; Members; First 500 Pre-Registered Members; All Pre-Registered Members

We are currently live on a web based beta application, and are in the process of the development of an iOS application, which will be shortly followed by an android application

Travelers who are dissatisfied with corporate created trips and are looking for real, raw, and authentic group travel; Adventurist who dream of escaping the day job and travel for a living; The friend and family group trip planner who are looking for a one stop group trip hub where they are able to plan, share, and collect funds; SMB Trip Organizers and side giggers who plan trips for profits who are looking for a larger audience to offer services to; Concert Goers and Festis looking to connect with other travelers and bands before their events; Traveling Professionals who frequently travel to conventions and trade shows and are looking to network with others and reduce travel expenses; Organizations who are looking for additional revenue streams.


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